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Airdrie's Pursuit of Canada Company's LAV III Monument

When the Airdrie Legion's LAV III Committee initially gathered with a view to volunteer some time to put together this monument for younger veterans, it was soon realised that there was a long hard hill to climb. In the beginning it was thought that the group merely needed to put down a simple concrete pad, park this Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) on it, and then walk away.

It became rather clear early on in the process that this simplicity was not present, i.e. there were numerous pages of government drawings and specifications for the concrete pad alone that needed to be addressed, amongst many other details that needed attention.

After a slow start, the Airdrie Legion's LAV III Committee was astonished to learn that support would come from not only a few members of the Airdrie Legion, but individuals, as well as companies, big and small, and other organizations such as Airdrie's cadets, were responding to the requests for help by getting on board and assisting with this important project.

Responses to the requests for help and donations started to come in.  The generosity of people, who all wanted to acknowledge the sacrifice that some of our young men and women had made by paying the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit of others, was almost overwhelming.  Without the generous help and support of our Sponsors, this project could not have happened.

Slowly but surely we are losing our older veterans.  It sure is nice to know that many are willing to thank our young armed service personnel who put themselves in harms way for the sake of world peace.

One hundred and sixty two Canadians gave their lives in Afghanistan.  Others have done so in combat, peace keeping, and humanitarian missions elsewhere around the world.  An even greater number of members of the Canadian Armed Forces have had their lives forever changed due to their dedicated service to our country and to the various places in the world where they served.  We will forever be in their debt.



Canada Company's LAV III Monument Program

Airdrie's LAV III Monument is not only the initial LAV III monument for Alberta, but more importantly, it is the first one to be established in all of Western Canada!

This monument is part of a nation-wide program developed and administered by the Canada Company.

The Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) III Monument Program recognizes the service and sacrifice of the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan by providing full-size demilitarized replica LAV IIIs to qualifying communities throughout Canada.

Full details about the LAV III Monument Program can be found at the Canada Company website.