The above entities have generously contributed resources, supplies, time, and effort towards making this Monument a reality for the citizens of the City of Airdrie. 

Much of the wonderful support has included actual involvement in the effort required to make this all happen, be it some relatively simple but critical engineering input, to larger tasks such as providing men, equipment, and materials to execute a key part of establishing the overall monument.  This has been a complete team effort amongst the contributing sponsors that it has been a pleasure for all that were involved with this important Project.

​Most impressively, this has all come together in a relatively short period of time during some rather unprecedented challenging economic times in our Province where the response to inquiries and requests for support has generally not been a case of "if", but rather hearing "what", "how", and "when"...

​THANK YOU to all that have contributed - we are collectively very grateful for this tremendous support.

The establishment of this monument has been made possible through the generous support and contributions that were provided by the following entities:


Introducing Our Generous Sponsors

Located at the Nose Creek Valley Museum

1701 Main Street, Airdrie AB T4B 1C5 ca